Laptop Cop - The Ultimate Anti-theft Solution w/ Geo Tracking

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Laptop Cop - The Ultimate Anti-theft Solution
Tracking of Personal or Company Laptop | No Hardware Required

How it works! Tracking a Computer
- Single-agent that is undetectable, with zero disruption of legitimate laptop use
- Activated in the event of loss or theft from any secure internet connection
- Monitor and control all activity on a stolen or lost laptop
- Can be deployed silently over the network in minutes with no user prompts

Never have to worry about another lost laptop. What if we told you, you can recover your laptop by simply checking your online monitoring account?

With LaptopCop, never miss a heartbeat with a tool that can track your laptop when it has broadband access, whether it be by wired or wireless wi-fi connection. Gain access to your PC remotely while being able to manipulate files and documents. Take control of your computer and transfer out files, monitor application access and even delete files you don't want the user to see. In addition, block applications from access of any user of the found or stolen PC. Secretively record and monitor the user inconspicuously within the background, raising no awareness to the user. Hidden tracking system allows monitor to map out with close proximity where laptop is located. Recover your laptop back!

Click Features for more info:
- Laptop Geolocation
- Remotely access & retrieve files
- Remotely delete files
- Monitor & control everything the thief does remotely
- Laptop recovery

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Note: This product is a digital product; meaning it's downloadable and not physically tangible. Once you purchase, your login credentials and instructions on how to download Laptop Cop stealth program, will be emailed to the email address provided during the checkout process.


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