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Running a Ring of Spies Spycraft & Black Operations in the Real World of Espionage Book

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Running a Ring of Spies

Spycraft And Black Operations In The Real World Of Espionage

by Jefferson Mack

Running a ring of spies is no mission impossible with this tell-all primer. Find out the secrets of the world's best spies and peep into the real world of a Bangkok madam-turned-secret agent, Aldrich Ames, U.S. Embassy guards, Kim Philby and garden-variety corporate spies. Find out how to get the goods on the bad guys.

While working in Latin America and Southeast Asia for 20 years with one of the many different intelligence agencies of the United States, Jefferson Mack learned that governments are often the cause of humanity's problems but never the solution. He and the lady love of his life now live in their own safe house somewhere in the Northwest where they hunt, fish and live off the land while enjoying a world of computers, satellite TV, old pickups, chain saws and weapons ranging from bows and arrows and muzzle loaders to high-powered rifles with scopes designed for sniping.

212 pages
5.5" x 8.5"


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