Hidden 1080P Spy Pen Camera

Price: $139.99
Product ID : ST-HD500P
Weight: 0.38 lbs
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Hidden 1080P Spy Pen Camera
Hidden DVR Spy Pen Cam

The HD500 is a a true professional grade spy pen camera. It has been part of our product line for about 2 years and has proven itself to be a high quality, reliable spy pen; it is used all over the world by private investigators!

Enjoy beautiful HD 1080P video @ 30fps and 720P @ 60fps for fast action shot recording. So, why is it called the extreme pen? The HD500 features crisp video quality equivalent to that of many action cameras on the market, enabling you to use this pen to record all your surveillance footage or adventures!

The pen has adjustable settings for exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, sharpness, quality, audio volume, time/date stamp, and more so that you can fully customize your recording experience. You can adjust these settings with a Windows or Mac computer, and the instructions for these adjustments are all explained in the included manual.

The HD500 is incredibly easy to operate, just press the button on the top of the pen to start recording and press again to stop. When you are ready to watch your recordings, the pen twists apart to reveal a USB drive. Plug the pen directly into your computer to instantly watch and transfer your footage.

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What are the cool features?

High Definition 1080p & 720p Video Quality
Shoot crystal-clear 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps for the sharpest home movies you’ve ever seen.

Seamless 60fps Action Mode
You won’t miss a single moment with the HD500’s 60 frames-per-second video capture mode.

Covert Light Setting
The indicator light lets you know recording before shutting off, keeping your pen camera concealed for discreet video capturing

Customizable Video Settings
Adjust exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation and sharpness to create professional-grade clips.

Low Light Performance
The HD500’s high-performance low-lux lens, you’ll be able to record any dim and shadowy occasion with minimal pixilation.

Time/Date Stamp
The HD500’s time and date stamp feature, tracks day and time, saving you the hassle of searching through files.

Still Photo Mode
The H500 easily captures still images with a resolution of 2048x1536 in JPEG format.

Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
Fueled by a rechargeable 380mAH battery that can be charged via USB, the HD500 delivers 70-80 minutes of battery life.

Plug & Play Simplicity
Fully compatible with Windows and Mac. simply plug it into your USB port and you’re ready to roll.


- Resolution: 720P / 1080P
- Frame Rate: 30fps / 60fps
- Format: AVI

- Recording Modes: Continuous
- Memory Size: 16GB/ 32GB
- Power Source: 500mAH Battery
- Battery Life (Motion):
- Battery Life (Continuos): 70-80 minutes
- Wi-Fi/App: No
- Remote View IP: No
- Audio
- Night Vision: No
- Loop Recording: No
- Time/date Stamp: Yes
- Compatible: Windows  Mac 

- 44g 15mm(D) x 155mm(L)


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