Spook School: Shadow Operations with James Coats

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Spook School: Shadow Operations

with James Coats

James Coats has years of experience profiling certain types of criminal activities for various law enforcement and government agencies. Coats combines those skills with wilderness survival training, advanced slight-of-hand, escape and evasion and special effects makeup to bring you an inventive and informative DVD that could aid you, or someone you love, in a dangerous or life-threatening situation.

On this DVD you will learn:

  • How to create and use a quick-change suit to change your appearance
  • How to escape binds, such as rope and duct tape
  • How to change your looks without makeup or costumes
  • Various "on the run" wilderness camouflage techniques
  • Ghillie suit application and construction
  • How to escape from the trunk of a car

And much more!

Paladin Press
689076 751360
99 minutes


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