Wireless Dummy Camera w/ Zoom Lens & Motion Detector

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Wireless Dummy Camera w/ Zoom Lens & Motion Detector

Fake Indoor Camera with LED for a Realistic Feel

Deter criminals, thieves, vandalism, etc. without draining your pockets for the cost of expensive real security cameras. With the Dummy Camera with Zoom lens and motion detector even the most sophisticated criminals will think twice about breaking and entering the premises when guarded by high-tech surveillance equipment. All our imitation cameras appear authentic due to their material which are real shells. They are actual surveillance camera shells that lack the expensive electronics inside while still providing the deterrent of a security camera at a fraction of the cost!

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How does the motion detector work?

If someone walks in front of the camera within 10 feet, the camera will begin to rotate left and right while blinking a red light for about 15 seconds.

Is the bracket adjustable?

The mounting bracket is fully adjustable and allows you to adjust the camera's direction.

Does the dummy camera require batteries?

Yes, 3 AA batteries that are not included.


Imitation cameras are commonly used in noticeable areas to deter thieves and vandals away from a person's property. The presence of a camera (functioning or not) may cause the intruders to abandon their plans and move on to another location. We always recommend using imitation cameras in conjunction with a functioning surveillance system for increased security.


- Dummy Camera w/ Zoom Lens & Motion Detector

- CCTV window sticker


- 6" x 1/4" x 2 3/8" x 2"


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