Protect 1205 - Digital Pen Style RF Bug Detector

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Product ID : ST-DD1205
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Protect 1205
Digital Pen Style RF Bug Detector

Working on a frequency range 30 – 6000 Mhz it is a very efficient device in comparison to its size. It has 8 segment bar diode graph to show you the strength of detected frequency. You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the detection, in order to filter in an area that has strong RF. It is able to work up to 8 hours. 


  • Searching for active radio transmitting surveillance devices
  • Detecting emissions from the GSM jammers
  • Also emissions from other devices: Microwave ovens, communication antennas and other electronic devices
  • Discovering improper use of mobile phones
  • Detection of various GSM bugs

protect 1205, bug detector, rf detector

- Working frequency 30-6000 Mhz

- Adjusting sensitivity button
- Pen-style disguise for perfect camouflage
- ‘HighPower’ indicator for in pocket usage
- ‘Pulse’ indicator for recognizing digital transmitters (GSM, DECT and LR03)

protect 1205, bug detector, rf detector


- Protector 1205M pen detector
- Cover for the pen
- 2xAA batteries

- 140x17 (mm)


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