iStranger - Digital Cell Phone Voice Changer

Price: $349.99
Product ID : ST-VC1200
Weight: 0.10 lbs
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iStranger - Digital Cell Phone Voice Changer
Voice Disguiser for your Cell Phone Calls

The iStranger is a unique voice changer that is  compatible with most existing cell phones. Simply insert into the headset jack, hold the iStranger to your ear like a phone receiver and speak normally. The two modes, LOW and HIGH allow for greater disguise of different voice pitches.

What phones does this work for?
- All iPhones
- All Androids
- All Phones with a 3.5mm jack

This tool is great for those cell phone users that want to sound like someone else is answering the phone. Utilize if you don't want to speak to a certain friend, employer, bill collectors, whom ever you dont want to speak to, this voice changer will alter your voice.

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- High and Low mode
- Heavy Duty
- Quick Install
- Portable
- Use in Headphone jack only
- 3.5mm jack
- Two modes LOW and HIGH

- iStranger
- User Manual

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