Countermeasure Kit CMS-22

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Product ID : ST-CMS-22
Weight: 5.65 lbs
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Countermeasure Kit CMS-22
For Personal or Professional Use


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Transmitters are frequently concealed in various household or office fixtures. The most common are electric sockets or cube taps. In this configuration, normal AC power is supplied directly to the transmitter which permits permanent installation. This means that all lamps and appliances (radios, TV, clock, desk calculator, etc.) should be checked carefully.

Another type is the drop transmitter. These are used where quick installation is required. Being battery operated, they have a finite operating life which requires that they be retrieved for battery replacement or abandoned. These transmitters are often pre-concealed in objects such as picture frames, pens, desk sets, cigarette lighters and ash trays. Body transmitters are battery operated, usually with a higher output power than the drop transmitter. They are designed to be carried into a target area on a person.

CMS-25, countermeasure kit 25, countermeasure kit, bug detector kit, pi kit, private investigator kit, capri electronics
While voice bugs can be installed in a vehicle, probably the most common type is the tracking transmitter (bumper beeper). Most of these are the burst type which means that RF is transmitted in short bursts rather than continuously.

These transmitters can be powered either by their own battery pack or by the vehicle battery. The transmitters powered by the vehicle battery may have a much higher output power and, of course, a longer useful life. The main advantage of the battery pack unit is that it is quicker to attach.

To check a vehicle for bugs, turn the ignition on, but don’t start the engine (Ignition noise will thoroughly confuse the TD-62). Using the P-01 probe slowly sweep the vehicle inside and out, (be sure to sweep carefully underneath the vehicle).

Because of the limited brightness of the indicator LEDs, it would be better to do this away from direct sunlight, if possible. Pay particular attention to the meter. Brief flashes at the next higher level could indicate a burst type bumper beeper.

What all could I sweep with the CMS-22?
Wireless Mics, wireless cameras, wired cameras, wire taps (serial & parallel), GPS, WiFi enabled devices, microwave transmitting devices and many more wireless transmitting objects.

Quick Specifications:
P-01 - Wideband RF Probe (up to 2.5 GHz)
P-02 – Infrared Probe (Laser Detector)
P-03 – Line Driver Probe (Detects hard wired microphones)
P-04 – Microwave RF Probe (2.5 GHz to 6 GHz)
TT-07 Telephone Tap Detector

User Manual CMS-22

- Platt Case
- TD-62 Transmitter Detector
- P-01 Wideband RF Probe
- P-02 Infrared Probe
- P-03 Line Driver Probe
- P-04 Microwave RF Probe
- TT-07 Telephone Tap Detector
- Earbuds
- Various cords and adapters


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