Spy Software: What is Software Spy? Spy Software such as Spector Pro monitors details of daily activities on computers- instant messages, chats, websites visited, searches, what they do on face book all other social networks, pictures they sent and looked at , the keystrokes they type, the programs they run, it spies their phone conversations, text messages and many more. In a nut shell, Pro Spector is a champion in Internet Monitoring and Surveillance Software, a real phone spy and text spy. It has advance surveillance screen snapshot features. Romeo and Juliet dated for 6 years without a visit to Spy shop, 2 days to their marriage engagement, a friend took Juliet to a spy outlet for adventure. When they were in the Spy showroom, Juliet saw Spysure, a PC and Internet software. The thought to sneak in on Romeo activities came into the mind of Juliet. Since she has to choose from eBlaster for remote monitoring, Spector Pro MAC, Spector Pro Window and eBlaster Windows, she asked for expert opinion of spyemporium.com showroom spy software specialist. She purchased SpectorPro and the new Spy Agent hurriedly went home to tap into Mareo’s computer. Amazingly, 6 months before Juliet’s visit to the spyemporium, Romeo has tapped into Juliet’s computer using WebWatcher, IamBigBrother and Content Protect alternately. Fortunately for Romeo, he never detected any fowl play from Juliet. Juliet was heartbroken when she realized that spying on Romeo revealed to her within 10 hours that that pervert Romeo has been sleeping and messing around with 5 girls in his neighborhood plus a wedding proposals to two girls at his work place.