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Civil Liberty is freedom and right that provides a person certain rights like the freedom from forced labor and slavery, freedom from death and torture, the right to security and liberty, right to defense of one’s self and right to fair trial, the right to own and bear arms, the right to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, the right to privacy, freedom of religion and speech, right to due process to a trial, to own property and to privacy, freedom of association and assembly , the right to marry and have a family. What does the word freedom mean to you? Search and find solutions from the following resources: Ragnar’s Action Encyclopedia of Practical knowledge and Proven Techniques Volume 1, Invisible Resistance To Tyranny, The Policeman is Your Friend and Other Lies, The Freedom Outlaw’s Handbook, How To Start Your Own Control, Ragnar’s Action Encyclopedia, All Enemies Foreign & Domestic, The Bad Attitude Guide to Good Citizenship , Even More Dangerously Fun Stuff, Ragnar’s Action Encyclopedia Set.