Real –Time GPRS: Spyemporium.com dedicated real-time software allows you to track a Enduro Pro GPS/GPRS –enabled cell phone online in real-time. We deal with real time GPRS for ideal tracking. With Enduro GPS Trackers, your ability to secure your world is infinitesimal. Various people from different fields of work such as government agencies, corporate executives and individuals utilize our tracking solutions. Other institutions such as churches and delivery outlets use our vehicle tracking devices. Our unique GPRS tracker will help you to manage your corporate automobile fleet, protect business and personal assets. You can place our GPRS Tracker on a person or virtually anywhere. You can also magnetize and hide it underneath automobile for a discreet GPS tracking. When contained in a weatherproof magnetic case, our GPS tracker is capable of 10 days plus on its internal battery. Our Trackstick GPS device enables GPS sensitivity utilizing GPRS plus GSM network solutions. This technology allows it to work in places where traditional GPS Trackers would not perform.


Our various GPS Trackers include: GPS magnet mount, Track stick mini gps data logger, Trackstick pro, Trackstick pro GPS data logger, Super trackstick GPS data logger, GPRS Hardware kit, Enduro Pro GPS kit, GPS rechargeable battery pack kit, GPS Tracker magnetic case, Weatherproof GPS magnetic box and GPS Tracking System with Antenna.