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Wireless Microphones : Surveillance wireless microphones are good to monitor babies but bug detectors can debug them. Our live sound superb micro wireless system is great for eavesdropping when used for educational purpose. Spyemporium wireless mic systems have sophisticated state-of-the-art VHF and UHF features. Eavesdropping microphones are great for corporate espionage. With these spy gadgets, it is easy to listen in on any broadcaster wireless mic. These micro spy wireless microphones are frequently used in auditoriums, hotel conferences, dormitories and boardrooms. Wired microphones can be used to monitor office or house by running microphone cable to eavesdrop on whoever you want to monitor. RF detectors cannot detect wired microphones but it will detect wireless mics depending on their frequency modulation ranges. Wireless listening devices are used as desk microphones in "secure" institution conference rooms where running of microphone cables are not permissive.