Night Vision DVR Cameras: Chase away men of the underworld from your property by installing professional night vision camera, 4 channel DVR with 2x1/4 Sharp CCD, 420 TV lines, iPhone VGA support, Real Time Video/ Audio Recording, Playback and Network capability, PTZ Control. Spyemporium.com offers DVR security cameras that have lots of features that will take care all of any security system need. These features include IR LED technology that allows you to view your DVR Security Camera picture 24/7. DVR Cameras and Security Night Vision have built in Infrared Illuminators. Night Vision CCTV are available in black and white colors, Color Night Vision switches cameras automatically into black and white at night or in the dark allowing the viewer to see what is happening in darkness. Addition of independent (IR) Illuminators boosts DVR Cameras performance, on an area that happens to look pitch-black to a criminal would appear completely illuminated to the outdoor or indoor Surveillance Systems. IR Light Emitting Diodes cannot be seen by human eyes, but will aid the Home Video Surveillance to see brightly , in complete darkness. Our professional IT personnel are waiting to explain in real-time how Wired and Wireless Night Visions work with our DVR Systems. Our Night Vision Cameras are fully equipped with LED IR.