How to Install eBlaster android

eBlaster Mobile is an "invisible" application that starts working immediately after installation, silently capturing and recording activity. It does not appear as an application or icon anywhere on the phone. Without leaving a trace, it stores recorded activity and sends an email Activity Report to the email address you specify. Follow the steps below.

Before installing eBlaster|Mobile Android, make sure the phone is set up to download and install applications from places other than the Android Market. Take a minute to enable non-Market applications if this hasn't been done.


To download and install eBLASTER Mobile

  1. Go to Open the mobile device's Internet Browser. Internet access is usually a globe icon on the Home screen (Home button) or on the All Apps screen (Menu button). In the browser, tap the address area. Use the device keypad to enter the address Select Go.
  1. Tap the "Click here" link. Start downloading the eBLASTER installer. If you have installed before, a "Replace application" prompt appears. Click OK to update the app without changing settings.
  1. If necessary, tap EblasterInstaller.apk to activate the download. When the download is complete, most devices prompt you to begin installing immediately (next step). However, on some devices, you may need to access Download History (Menu> More> Downloads) or Notifications (Menu> Notifications) and select the downloaded file. Look for an EblasterInstaller.apk file.
  1. Start the Installer by tapping Install. The Installer needs permission to access features on the device. If you agree, tap Install, if not tap Cancel to exit. Wait for the Installer to install.
  1. Tap Open. The first portion of the application installation is complete. Tap Open to continue.  
  1. Tap Next. Now, download components needed to complete the installation. Tap Next and wait for the download.
  1. Tap Install to "allow" access and continue installing. "Mobile Logs" (eBLASTER) asks for permission to access activity on the phone. SpectorSoft does not and cannot access this information. Information retrieved is stored securely in eBLASTER Reports and sent only to the email address you specify. Choose Install to proceed or Cancel to exit.
  1. Tap Agree. First, agree to install eBLASTER only on a device that you own or where you have been given permission to install. You also must agree to inform users of the phone that their activities will be monitored.
  1. Tap Accept. Read and scroll through to the end of the End User License Agreement to activate the Accept button.
  1. Type your serial number. Tap in the serial number field and use the keypad that appears to enter the serial number found on your purchase email receipt. Tap OK.

 If you have previously installed eBLASTER on this phone, you are prompted to restore your old settings and finish the setup. Otherwise, continue to the next step.


  1. Set an email address and password. Tap in each field and use the keypad to type. Click OK to accept the configuration.
  • Change Access Code (optional) - Enter new digits for the access code. This access code opens eBLASTER on the device, either by dialing * and the code (*4321), or by entering the code (4321) at the website.
  • Set Email Address (required) - eBLASTER needs to know where to send email reports. Enter a valid email address.
  • Set Password (required) - Set a password to access eBLASTER on the device (after dialing the access code) AND at your remote Control Panel website.
  • Confirm the Password - Enter the password again.
  1. Tap OK to clean up. eBLASTER removes installation remnants. You will receive an email with a link to your personal remote Control Panel.
  1. Tap OK to remove the "Installer" component. eBLASTER is installed and ready to record, but first you must uninstall the Installer component. This does NOT uninstall the eBLASTER app.
  1. Tap OK again when the Installer is removed.
  1. You are now at the eBLASTER settings. Change settings if you wish, or EXIT out of the application. The application will not be visible to anyone using the Android, but eBLASTER will immediately start recording activity and sending reports to your email delivery address.

Use General Settings to "Enable Removal Protection" so that this app cannot be uninstalled without logging into eBLASTER.

  1. IMPORTANT: Configure the phone for location and photos. Before you leave the device, make sure it is set up to provide its location. See Configuring an Android to Capture Location.

To capture Photos taken on the device, an SD card (microSD) must be installed on the device for storing photos.

Be aware that frequent location logging and photo capture will use up the device's battery charge. Try to be conservative in your settings.  

  1. IMPORTANT: Clear the device's browser and call history. For security, clean up evidence of the installation. See Clearing History on the Android.
  2. Check your email. Be sure to check the email account you provided during installation for an email from SpectorSoft with a link to your private Control Panel website.

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