Fire & Arson Investigation

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Fire & Arson Investigation: America has the highest fire death rates in the industrialized world; 13.4 deaths per million persons. Between 1992 and 2001, an average of 4,266 U.S citizens died and another 24,913 were injured yearly in various fires. A minimum of 80% of all fire deaths occur in residences. Cooking in the kitchen is the most cause of home fires in the U.S. and the leading cause of home fire injuries. Careless smoking habit is the leading cause of fire deaths. Arson is the second –leading cause of residential fires and residential fire deaths. In commercial properties, arson is the major cause of deaths, injuries, money loss and e.t.c. See statistics at ; United States Fire Administration at (www.usfa.fema.gov) September 11/2001 terrorist attack is excluded in the research. Most common materials used in arson and fire investigation such as: Explosive Residue Swab Kit, Metal Arson Evidence Cans, Nylon Arson Evidence Bags can be purchased at spy emporium in kits, gallon pack , pint park, and quart , pack of 4 plus. Those who use these fire or arson detection materials are: fire experts, arsonist, fire fighter, fire investigators, and arson investigators.